15  Results
Mar 17, 2023DressageCDIJCDIJ J Team - Junior Team Competition (J Team)02Team DressageResults
Mar 17, 2023DressageCDIYCDIY Y Team - Young Riders Team Competition (Y Team)03Team DressageResults
Mar 17, 2023DressageCDIU25Int II - Intermediate II05Inter II / A / BResults
Mar 17, 2023DressageCDI1*CDI1* PSG - Prix St-Georges (PSG)06PSG / Inter IResults
Mar 17, 2023DressageCDI3*GP - Grand Prix 07Grand Prix dr.Results
Mar 18, 2023DressageCDIJCDIJ J Ind - Junior Individual Competition (J Ind)09Team DressageResults
Mar 18, 2023DressageCDIYCDIY Y Ind - Young Riders Individual Competition (Y Ind)10Team DressageResults
Mar 18, 2023DressageCDIU25CDIU25 GP 16-25 - Grand Prix 16-25 (GP 16-25)12GP dr. 16-25Results
Mar 18, 2023DressageCDI1*CDI1* Int I - Intermediate I (Int I)13PSG / Inter IResults
Mar 18, 2023DressageCDI3*GPS - Grand Prix Special14Grand Prix dr.Results
Mar 18, 2023DressageCDI3*GP FS - Grand Prix Freestyle to Music15Grand Prix dr.Results
Mar 19, 2023DressageCDIJCDIJ J FS - Junior Freestyle to Music (J FS)17Final Individual DressageResults
Mar 19, 2023DressageCDIYCDIY Y FS - Young Riders Freestyle to Music (Y FS)18Final Individual DressageResults
Mar 19, 2023DressageCDIU25CDIU25 GP FS - Grand Prix Freestyle to Music (GP FS)20GP dr. 16-25Results
Mar 19, 2023DressageCDI1*CDI1* Int I FS - Intermediate I Freestyle to Music (Int I FS)21PSG / Inter IResults
15  Results