Mar 30, 2024Wellington, FL (Equestrian Center)USA jumping/160/Grand Prix Table A 51416010/0/35.82€152,622
Mar 29, 2024Wellington, FL (Equestrian Center)USA jumping/150/Table A 512150427/83.21€0
Mar 23, 2024Ocala, FL (WEC)USA jumping/160/Longines League of Nations Team Competition 0616054/4€10,500
Mar 21, 2024Ocala, FL (WEC)USA jumping/160/Grand Prix Table A 04160299/80.47€0
Mar 20, 2024Ocala, FL (WEC)USA jumping/140/Two Phases 01140440/RET€0
Mar 2, 2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/160/Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Doha 0616060/4/39.11€16,875
Mar 1, 2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/160/Table A 2th GCL competition 0416050/63.62€7,385
Feb 29, 2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/145/Two Phases 01145150/RET€0
Feb 24, 2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/160/Grand Prix Two Rounds S56160110/8/47.40€6,150
Feb 23, 2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/145/Table C S531452086.58€0
Feb 22, 2024Doha, Al ShaqabQAT jumping/145/Two Phases Special S51145140/39.04€0
Feb 10, 2024RiesenbeckGER jumping/135/Two Phases Small-Tour FINAL 06135250/0/38.69€0
Feb 8, 2024RiesenbeckGER jumping/130/Table A 04130336/81.02€0
Dec 10, 2023GenevaSUI jumping/160/Grand Prix Table A Rolex Grand Prix 1516030/0/41.74€169,527
Dec 7, 2023GenevaSUI jumping/160/Table A 04160110/4/39.46€1,193
Dec 7, 2023GenevaSUI jumping/140/Table A 01140999RET€0
Nov 19, 2023PrahaCZE jumping/160/GCL Super Cup - Final 1316014/4€833,333
Nov 17, 2023PrahaCZE jumping/160/Table A GCL Super Cup Semi Final 0616040/71.22€130,000
Oct 28, 2023RiyadhKSA jumping/160/Grand Prix Table A 1216010/0/37.56€170,214
Oct 27, 2023RiyadhKSA jumping/160/Table A 0816010/67.81€24,425