HorseTelex Results is a service of HorseTelex.

Employees of HorseTelex enter all results of all FEI competitions from all over the world on a daily basis. In show jumping from 1.30 m (Young Horses from 1.20 m), in dressage from Prix st Georges, in eventing from 3*.

Similarly, HorseTelex also keeps track of all results of national North American competitions, as far as traceable.

The results appear free of charge on www.horsetelexresults.nl. All results can also be viewed free of charge on the pedigree page of the horse concerned.

From this daily flow of sports and breeding information, HorseTelex is developing some paid services:

1) ISV/IPV world rankings.

Each round of a horse is assigned a certain value. This creates a super up-to-date, weekly changing world rankings for showjumping and dressage horses, the ISV (International Sport Value) rankings.

With their ISV, the sport horses earn points for their sires, dams, maternal sires and studbooks, the IPV (International Progeny Value). Sires are classified according to the age of their offspring, dams according to the number of offspring active in international sport.

Consulting the highly informative ISV and IPV world rankings is reserved for TOP members of HorseTelex.

2) Alerts

TOP members of HorseTelex can place an infinite number of sport horses on an alert list. As soon as one of these horses is active somewhere in the world in a competition followed by HorseTelex, you will receive an email with information about its performance.